The Avengers movie is going to kill me when it comes out.

I've meaning to make a post here for a while, but LJ posts always take me forever and a half to put together. I have some time now, though, so what the heck.

This is going to be a pretty random, messy, disjointed entry full of a bit of pic spam, art (old if you've already seen it on tumblr), ramblings, and recs...

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is it summer yet??

Ok, so I read sirona_gs 's clint/phil/ avengers fic the other day, and it made me want to go swimming, and sip pina coladas, and other summery things. However, it's still winter here... and I think it's going to rain tomorrow :[

But that description of all of them lounging at the pool was so great, and it wouldn't leave me alone. And so, I drew them :D

[edit] added coulson doing paperwork at the kitchen table :)
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cap_ironman BINGO card!

Ninjas Dark fic Kink: Figging De-aged kidfic Weddings
Canon: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Unrequited Love First Kiss Kink: Rushed Sex Kink: Threesomes/ Moresomes
Canon:616: Comics Were Weird in the '90s New superpowers Curtain fic Canon: Marvel Zombies
Kink: Frottage Kink: Dirty talk AU:Utopia Heroic sacrifice Soul Bonding
Alien Invasion Kink: Feathers Kink: Spanking Art Format: Minimalist Kink: Intercrural
I don't even know where to start @_@

steve/tony art post

So, I somehow found myself in The Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man fandom. Don't know how I got here, but looks like I'll be around for a while :) I've been doing some art that I've posted on my tumblr, which I'm still figuring out (feel free to follow- and let me know so I can follow back!). I thought I would do a round up and post them here too!

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