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Aripâ - wip shots/ drawing process

On a bit of a break from drawing, but I thought I'd post some of the wip shots for Aripâ (avengers_rbb collab w/ foxxcub ) in case anyone was interested in seeing them. (I always like to look back and see how I got from the initial sketch of a drawing to the finished piece).

If you haven't already...
--> read foxxcub's amazing fic - Aripâ
--> see the finished artwork

...then see/read my notes on some of the pieces...

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teen wolf art post

I just want to draw all the hugs and cuddles in this fandom... and sometimes some blood and angst.
Still trying to get a feel for drawing everyone... I have a feeling it's going to take a while. Practice makes perfect?

Warnings: some blood

this shirt no fit! still my favorite episode.
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avengers art post 4

Been on a tiny art break because work is exhausting and the olympics are sucking up all my free time. But since I'm not drawing anything, I thought it would be a good time for another art round-up!

Warnings: um, a couple NSFW, blood

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